Ron Ben-Yosef-Founder

Ron is one of the founders of teta and began his career in 1985 as a DJ and producer.
Ron built up a reputation as one of the best and dynamic DJs at parties and other live events.
Ron became more involved in creating a variety of different musical projects such as “Sabres”, “Inta Omri” , the first audio-visual project in Israel, “Ethnica”with Tomer Ajam, Gold, as well as working with artists: Rinat Bar, Shlomi Shabbat, Omer Adam, Shlomi Saranga and others.
In addition, Ron has produced many different albums in the dance genre, Hip Soul and “Prayers” (Yossi Azulay “1” and “2”, Momi Levy “Hip-soul”).
Ron runs the Music Production Deparment in Teta and is a key contributor to the musical content that Teta creates. He also manages all the artists in Teta.


Ron Ben-Yosef