Teta Making Music Ltd was established in 1997 by 3 leading music veterans.
They aspired to build a music company that would create content that would represent the cream of the industry professionally and musically.
Teta is without doubt a market leader in writing, producing and creating content in the Israeli market in addition to bringing international co-productions and activity into the local market and vice versa.
The Events department is the foundation of the company  with over 15,000 events produced for private and corporate occasions.
With an unbeatable line-up and choice of bands, ensembles, musicians, DJs, singers, dancers and performers, Teta has the perfect solution for every event, every style, every mood, creating an unforgettable experience for their clients and their guests. And Teta never rests in its quest to always be innovative, fresh and relevant.

Teta’s corporate clients include Microsoft, Pelephone, Cellcom, Bank Leumi, Bank Discount, Partner, Fox Clothing, Bank Discount and many others.
Teta’s music label and New Media department is Israel’s leading music company in the sphere of New Media. Teta represents an amazing array of international and local music for use in public performance, in-store, commercials, radio jingles and digital marketing campaigns.
Teta represents over 500,000 musical works and more than 1,000 international companies in the field of New Media and commercial campaigns.
Teta provides digital and on-line content for all cellular and digital stores in Israel and abroad as well as an instore presence in the leading nationwide stores and chains.